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to revert to your texas voice. >> the last time i saw my brother, we had an immense fight. it was in his house in san antonio, i am describing, the book opens with this fight. this is sort of a picture of my brother at this exact moment. there are always apples around him, women, too. apple pie, big sheik antique bowls of wooden apples, read and golden, apples pencils, produce framed on the library wall, texas vegetables from the rio grand empire. i am an american first, then a texan he would say not understanding he sounded like auggi march. the clues are there, i later realized. a man's fate is his character. you always have to show off and tell us what you know, carl said. i'll be in washington next week i say. i have an interview, i have to close of peace. you promised me, you said you would stay away from washington state. you sat right here and said you would not go to the cascades. he yells as loudly as i have ever heard him. washington, d.c. i shout back. i have the trait as well. [laughter]. >> as you are thinking about that, i would like to ask you to give us one more. there ar
of my time. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from texas seek recognition? mr. poe: i ask permission to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman is recognized. mr. poe: mr. speaker, i recently received this email from john of houston giving -- as one of the 9.2 million people whose livelihood is supported by the oil and natural gas industry, i am troubled by the recent calls to raise the money. as washington focuses on improving our struggling economy, congress has an opportunity to take our economy in a new direction, one that leads to economic growth and economic security. by promoting policies that encourage domestic oil and natural gas production, we can create 1.4 million jobs and generate $800 billion in additional government revenue by 2013. mr. speaker, john, a person that works for a living, understands better than washington elites that our god-given natural resources should be used to create jobs for americans. time to stop sending american jobs to middle eastern countries to buy their natural resour
basin right now. as that gets going it will enhance rainfall in texas and kind of streak out through the plains, even make its way toward chicago into late saturday into sunday. there's a look at it for today. travelwise across a good portion of the east looking decent, new york and boston, up through northern and central lower michigan may see a few snow showers. some rain through texas today but we'll get that going into the weekend. as this system blows out through portions of new mexico and oklahoma, we'll see increasing chances for showers and some could be freezing rain, switching to snow through northwest kansas. there's a look at the region. a busy setup across the country. let's check out your local forecast. philadelphia, at least looking for a pretty decent day today. on the cool side this morning, 51 degrees with sunshine by this afternoon. cleveland, may see a few snowflakes mixing in. not expecting a big snow setup. memphis coming in with sun. so, a number of beautiful areas across the country. we'll touch on a few as for some it will be a sleep-in saturday and some a s
to be home? this is said in a texas accent. i would say i don't know. he said you have to be there because they are my pears and precious and have to put them in the refrigerator the minute you come in. i learned to say okay. then the fruit would come and it would be wrapped like a bomb or something, each fruit, each pear. these gorgeous asian pears had sty row foam socks wrapped around them. after the fruit came you'd get a series of phone calls, can i demand a refund from the ups man, are you sure, can you write down what time it came? >> you have been carrying around this story all your life, what happened, why turn it into a book? >> it was a huge decision. it came completely. so many of us carry around this sibling thing in the attic thing. it came to me because something happened in our life which transformed our relationship. it was huge for me and huge for him. we learned how to become a team. and we had, my brother had a crisis and wrote me a letter about it, kind of a stunning letter that came like a time bomb, when he was quite young, barely 50 that he had a rare form of non smo
raise your hand. the director of business development. [applause] orlando works in texas, new mexico, and oklahoma. if you are from those areas, certainly try to spend some time with him. vice president of operations. oliver is out of the south central region, and as much of his work in texas also. we have wr smallmolares. he is community relations manager for the business we do at houston independent school district. i have to tell you, my work is in community relations, and we have three account level managers, and all of them are latino. it was not planned that way, but really nice that it worked out that way. i work closely with them. is mike in the room? markets here. mark of director of business development. he is covering texas, california, colorado, nevada and arizona. very glad we have colleagues over on this side of the country that could be here with us. we want to thank alas for giving us the opportunity to be involved with this conference. i have to tell you, he was absolutely right about windy. she is a hard sell, but i'm glad she is because of allows us to of the parti
to meet with his wife this afternoon in atlanta. one of cain's republican rival texas governor rick perry told jay leno last night, he thinks the personal lives of candidates do matter and that cain has to address the accusations against him. >> look. he is going to have to address those. i've said a couple times over the last few days is he's addressing them. i mean, if there is truth there, then, you know, he's got to have a long conversation with his family and with his supporters, and if there is nothing there, he needs to stand up and clearly go on about his business. >> meanwhile, a confident new gingrich says he will win the republican nomination. gingrich told abc news, he says the recent polls, the odds are very high he will be the nominee. >>> overseas now. new developments regarding nato air strikes last week against two pakistan border outposts. this morning, it's reported that pakistani officers gave the go ahead for the attack. "wall street journal" quotes unnamed american officers as saying the pakistani officers were unaware they had troops in the area. 24 pakistan soldier
desperately searching around for that. >> a texas woman got a shock when she opened her latest water bill. why the city says she needs to pay up as recover the nation next. next. >> we have more breaking news. >> mcallen avenue and old york road, there was heavy smoke coming from the second floor. baltimore city fire crews are making an aggressive attack at this location. as we get more information, we will update you. in >> al qaeda is claiming responsibility for the kidnapping of a 70-year old aid worker who has a home in rockville. he was taken from his home in pakistan back in august. he had been working in the nation for several years. al qaeda said it will release him if the u.s. stops air strikes on arab nations and reduces its television suspects. >> -- releases its talent and suspects. >> to put the dog with a friend while she was overseas. unfortunately, he was killed in a motorcycle accident. when the friend it did not hear from anyone for several months, she gave the dog to another family. when she came home, she found the family does not want to give luna up. the 70-year-old texas
and snow to arizona, new mexico, even parts of texas, western texas a wintry mix with some rain elsewhere. then in the great lakes to the northeast, that's the cold front that will be coming through. which will just cool us down a tad as we head into the day tomorrow. but not much more than that. expected to come through with very little fanfare later on this afternoon and this evening. high pressure build information behind it. so we'll -- builds in behind it. so we'll be in good shape. the next weather maker to the west on saturday through chicago, maybe headed to detroit by sunday. but around here, hey, we're looking good for another maybe three, four days. so enjoy it. 56 today. 50 tomorrow. after starting in the 20s and 30s. winds won't be that strong although it will start to turn around more to the south late tomorrow. sunday milder and youer 50s -- milder and upper 50s after another cool start. weather should be great for the game on sunday. monday, mostly cloudy around 60 and then look at tuesday through thursday. increasing showers, decreasing temperatures but still relatively m
you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >>> what he told the court and why one charge is thrown out tonight. >>> hello everyone i'm dick carter. >> i'm denise. >> the over the robo calls gets its high profile witness yet. he defends his campaign manager. he speaks to him just moments after he testifies. >> now the stand for a few minutes, but it was long enough to tell the jury the high opinion he has for his former campaign manager and good friend. >> i'm not pleased to be here but it's the right thing to be here. >> former governor in a parade of character witnesses called to testify on behalf of his campaign manager, someone he trusted. he's facing charges that he and campaign consultant intended to suppress voter turn out with the 2010 election night are bo call that suggested there was no need to go vote because democrats had already
texas. white chapel united methodist church put on 3d christmas display that consisted of image on the you side of the front building. three -- on the outside of the building.thousands still without power because of high winds across the west. we will show you some of the hardest hit areas as the winds hit close to 100 miles an hour. more on this and justin with weather and a popular fox tv show where you will catch gloria estefan on the small screen now new york for a check of the morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, the wireless industry says not me. a day after a report about smart phone spying on you, there's carrier iq says the software gathers statistics not personal data. several wireless carriers and equipment makers say the same thing while others say they no longer use it at all. major hard drive makers resumed production after flooding in thailand. the supply may be tight for a wild. and the fitness monitoring bracelet called up checks how active you are and how well you sleep and what you eat. u.s.a today ed gives the apple compatible device an
utah and idaho. down to arizona and new mexico. flurries and freezing rain in the texas panhandle. rainy around laredo and dallas. >> a warm 77 in miami. 53 in new york. upper 30s in detroit and omaha. 30 in minneapolis. a cool 59 in phoenix. 64 in san francisco. and 42 in seattle. >>> well, you may remember that young lady out in california who had lost her dog. >> that's right. arle corona wore a bikini for six days. >> it worked. corona was reunited with her dog who was safe with a school nurse. the dog has a microchip to make sure she is never lost again. the bikini worked. >> i'm not so sure. i'm glad they're reunited. >>> we're just getting started. coming up, why it's actually healthy to swear. >> i'm going to live forever. >>> if you bought tickets from tick ticketmaster, you probably have money coming back to you. part of a huge settlement. >>> and coca-cola changing its can plan after public outcry. some even saying it tastes different.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t. >>> welcome back, everybody. the markets will be paying pretty close attention this morning to the november jobs r
want to mention winter storm watches, northwest kansas, panhandle of texas, may see a few areas starting off with freezing rain, slick surfaces in the roads, topped off through western kansas with snowfall. so be careful travelwise into the start of the weekend. that's where the snow is right now in northern arizona, the rain in texas we'll see a few areas, much-needed rain, up to almost locally two inches, in a few areas a little bit more than that. back to detroit, i mentioned the snow around an inch or so, possible. especially north of town into northern reaches of the adirondacks. but the eastern coast of d.c., coming in quiet. we'll take a closer look at temperatures across the rest of the country. a few of us waking up warmer than yesterday. >>> also coming up on the watch for jobs, more signs of recovery and can the color of the can make a difference in taste? your "first look" at this morning's business headlines is straight ahead. >>> coming up, a great finish in college football. donovan mcnabb back on the market and how did skittles beat the eagles? you're watching "f
lynationally, in texas. >> when you watch governor perry and he's stumbled himself into a tough box. you think what? >> beyond a texan, i'm a texas aggie graduate, i say, rick, take the aggie ring off. maybe it's the orange tie t long horn thing. this is what happens also, i believe, when you get in the case because so many other folks were pushing you and you got in so late. remember, we talked about this with wolf blitzer. i said this is like the nfl draft. you can go number one in the draft. when you put the pads on, it's a whole dimpblt ball game. he's literally turning into the rye leaf and jamarcus russell. great on paper but one of the worst busts possible. it's unbelievable for someone with this much experience to be the governor of texas and then run this bad of a campaign, he might be last man standing. newt is getting arrogant with his comments. he might still be around. but he has to dominate every debate between now and iowa. >> you have a grass roots network. do you hear a lot of perry? >> texas alone we have 22 tho,0 members. texas is a big state for us. they love him. they thin
per hour. also we are looking at a lot of wet weather making its way into texas today. snow back through the rockies and the central parts of the southwest. some areas in the rockies could see up to three to six inches of snow and rainfall in texas could approach two to three inches over the weekend. th >> we don't expect any rain today but there should be a front coming through. >>> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> thanks, al. >>> coming up, a popular country singer defies a jundge's order o return her son to florida. we'll hear what mindy mccready is saying and talk to t >>> just ahead, a special holiday edition of jill martin's steals & deals. >> and a cherished tv family. don't say it. >> good night john boy. >> first a check of your local news and weather. >> good night, john boy. with the capital one venture card we get double miles on every purchase. so we earned a holiday trip to the big apple twice as fast! dinner! [ garth ] we get double miles every time we use our card. and since double miles add up fast, we can bring the whole gang! it's hard to beat doubl
here, into texas and the plains and we will see the rain and the snow and look at this over the next couple of days, we have a big storm for us, and heavy rain across texas, and that is good news, we need that rain in texas and the none side of it, it will be snow all week. >>shepard: you saw steamboat sounds mighty good, 123 miles per hour? have a great weekend. if lawmakers do not make a deal you can pay more taxes starting next month. no matter how that debate ends the democrats in washington could be able to use it as leverage in the next campaign. howst we will turn to chris wallace for at look at strategy. t or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. [ gasps [ male announcer ] if you're giving an amazing gift, shouldn't it be given in an amazing way? ♪ ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is here, but only for a limited te. see your lexus dealer for exclusive lease offers on the 2012 es 350 and, as a gift from lexus, we'll make your first month's
into west texas where they're worried about freezing rain and some snow. you can see the snow falling in arizona. that's going to spread into new mexico and colorado and south dakota. maybe even wisconsin saturday night. now for us, closer to us anyway, we've got the front coming through michigan and northern indiana headed to ontario. this is going to pass -- well the weather with this is going to pass north of us. the front will pass us this afternoon. that's going to switch the wind around and for us, just cool us down a little bit as we head into the day on saturday. so next three days pretty good. 56 today. back to the 20s and 30s tonight. now tomorrow, chilly and 50. winds should be pretty light tomorrow and sunday. wind will turn back to the south and southwest so milder on sunday. upper 50s -- redskins and jets game, should be perfect football weather. tuesday, some showers possible. 60. and wednesday and thursday, now, mild and damp. temperatures in the 50s. here's monika samtani with the update. >>> thank you so much howard. i am happy to say that overall generally speaking
the last 48 hours but windy. another storm system through the southwest on into texas. a look for mountain snows through the four corners and a lot of wet weather from austin, brownsville up into oklahoma. over the next 48 hours we could be talking about a half inch to an inch. some areas may pick up a little bit more. >> we don't expect any rain today but there should be a front coming through. front coming through. >>> and one of the great shows from the '60s, my three sons. savannah? >> thanks, al. this morning on "today's money" financial infidelity. a money magazine survey finds 71% of americans keep secrets about spending from their spouses. before you head out for holiday shopping we have good advice to keep the peace in your relationship. jean chatzky is today's financial editor and we have the host of "you're cut off." appropriate title. good morning. jean, define the term financial infidelity. >> it's lying about money and if you are just hiding information by not revealing it, that would be included in financial infidelity as well. >> keeping secrets or maybe not saying how much
comunidad en texas. dos niÑos que habÍa sobrevivido a los disparos de su propio padre, murieron hoy. Él atacÓ a disparos a su esposa y sus cuatro hijos. la madre sobreviviÓ. >> una tragedia que tiene en shock a una comunidad. cuatro niÑos inocentes murieron a tiros disparados por su padre. josÉ avila, de 24 aÑos de edad. de origen hispano. estaba discutiendo con su esposa, tambiÉn de origen hispano, en medio de la pelea sacÓ una pistola y le disparó varias veces a la mujer. la hija fue testigo de esta tragedia. >> mi hija le estaba dando el telÉfono. >> avila saliÓ corriendo de la casa hacia donde sus hijos estaban jugando y les disparÓ en la cabeza. >> metiÓ la mano dentro del atajo y le disparÓ a la niÑa. los otros tres niÑos estaban atrÁs de Él. despuÉs se dio un balazo en la cabeza. >> el padre muriÓ en el lugar. los niÑos tenÍan 2,3 4 y cinco aÑos. la Única que sobreviviÓ fue la madre. >> corrÍ hasta la seÑora que se volteÓ. pidiÓ ayuda. >> josÉ avila, antes de asesinar a su familia, habÍa ido al restaurante donde su esposa trabajaba y le habÍa dicho
inches of snow from new mexico and idaho. flurries, freezing rain in the texas panhandle. rainy around dallas. >> warm 77 in miami. 66 in atlanta. 53 in new york. upper 30s in detroit. omaha, 30 in minneapolis. cool 59 in phoenix. 41 in colorado springs. >>> well, they did the honors earlier this week here in new york lighting a christmas tree in rockefeller center. >> last night in washington it was president obama's turn. >> three, two, one! [ cheers ] >> just like that, the national christmas tree was all aglow behind the white house. >> looks good. it's the 89th year for the lighting. a tradition that began in 1923 with president calvin coolidge. this is a new tree this year. planted back in march. the previous one was actually blown over by strong winds last winter. >> nice it is planted there. right. >> it is there. >> all right, we'll be back with more "world news now" right after this. ♪ the christmas tree at the christmas party hop ♪ ♪ mistletoe hung where you can see every couple tries to stop ♪ see every couple tries to stop ♪ scratching would just turn him off. ma
whether east of the rockies. , was from the western panhandle of texas up into new mexico, southern and central rockies, the storm will cause more problems. in another round of snow coming four parts of new mexico and southern california. maybe with some nasty winter weather in the panhandle. all kinds of watches, advisers, and warnings for winter weather in the western part of the country. temperatures in the '20s for snow in denver and two parts of arizona. chilly rain from kansas city to north of chicago. relatively pleasant weather. most of the unsettled weather continues to hold off to the west. in cleveland they will be on the edge of that. the browns and the baltimore ravens will be dealing with that. a 50/50 shot at some rain. for this time of year, temperatures of 45-50 is not too bad. a chilly rain fall at times with the showers on the lakefront and cleveland on sunday afternoon. sunny skies tomorrow. 49-54. a little on the chilly side. he's the ones on the bay at 5-10 knots. western maryland, expect a lot of attempt -- sunshine. on the lower eastern shore we may see tempe
video of a small plane that crashed in midland, texas. it's believe the pilot was the only person onboard and he walked away with a broken arm. >>> police in milwaukee, wisconsin said an attack on a bus could have been worse if not for other passengers. they start shouting. he gets up, grabs her and hits her face against the window. another passenger took him to the front of the bussments the driver -- bus. the driver sent a silent alarm. the man was arrested. >>> sunny and mild but snowy in arizona. five inches of snow fell in flagstaff. the storm forced the closure of major interstates. by the time the snow is falling, they'll have over a foot of snow. no thank you. >>> is this finally a strong sign of an economic turnaround. the big drop in unemployment numbers. sounds like good news, right? >>> being socially smart while socializing over the holidays. chances are you'll post a picture of your favorite gift. we have a warning before you hit share. >>> today marked the best week for the stock market. the dow jones industrial average closed over 12,000. the nasdaq 2600 and the s&
. >>> cameras roll as a plane crashes into a house in texas. we'll tell you the one injury the pilot walked away from. >>> riders in wisconsin step in after an attack on their bus. >>> you may go out to peck up a christmas tree -- pick up a christmas tree this time of the year. why not try a cut tree. >>> this is the time of year that family and friends gather together. i'll take you to a special gathering. >>> he's been keeping us in suspension. herman cain's campaign. >>> when picking a tree, you wonder about how tall it is and whether this will fit in the house. there's a push to get real ones. >> reporter: for many of us it's time to pick a christmas tree. maryland's department of agriculture wants you to think about a fresh cut tree. >> you're promoting local agriculture, local farmers. you're protecting farmland. >> reporter: they say the reason to protect farmland is trees help the environment. while growing christmas trees produce oxygen and ob sposh -- absorb water that could run into the water. >> it far o the pros of having a fake plastic christmas tree that isñr typicallyxdçói]Ñd
excited to honor the local heros station 17 up in texas of the baltimore county fire department and the local baltimore county police departments as well. it's a very family, friendly oriented event. and we are just grateful to have this opportunity toer is of the community. >> reporter: wonderful. -- toer is of the community. >> reporter: and amanda this is your wife you said deck rage that is go on the tree have special meaning. >> they do. we are going to have the christmas tree set up behind us. and this year we have made yellow ribbons, the youth pastors at our church and youth groups on wednesday evening made the yellow ribbons for tonight's event. we will decorate the tree with the white lights as well. they represent those who have fallen in the military andyellow represents those currently serving. so it's very special. >> reporter: and after thisceremony, you will have something huge for the community here. >> yes. we are going to have the great gift give away upstairs in the community center. we will have light refresh presents and cookies and hot chocolate and the gr
. the ad bookmarked the texas governor's appearance on thursday night's episode of the "tonight show." we'll play more of that coming up. >>> herman cain may be laying the groundwork to drop out of the race for president, even as his staffers s urge him to fig on. he said he'll decide by monday whether or not to suspend his campaign. it follows accusations this week made by an atlanta woman who claims the two carried on a sexual affair for 13 years. cain insists it was simply a friendship and he was helping her financially over that period of time. still, it wasn't the candidate's political supporters, the only ones caught off-guard by the relationship. >> my wife did not know about it and that was the revelation and the surprise that my wife found out about it when she went public with it. if she had been just another man that i had helped, it probably wouldn't have raised as much suspicion. but my wife is comfortable with the explanation that i told her. regarding you know, having to help her. >> that's an understanding wife. i was just paying her bills for 13 years. cain's accuser, mi
as two weeks. >>> check this out. this is a spectacular 3d christmas display in south lake texas. consisting of i will ages projected on the entire front side of the church. three projectors were used for the display and it was fun had by all. >>> new developments in the scam involving more than two dozen schools across several counties. >> reporter: i am sherrie johnson a man promising ravens players to schools and not following through. >>> and is herman cain ready to call it quits? i will tell you what he said during a recent interview coming up. >>> and honda recalling hundreds of thousands of cars. we will tell you why which models are affected and how it could be be affecting you. >>> we look at northeast high school. hey northeast, i will be there tomorrow for your christmas parade. we are excited for a school but a good -- cool but a good looking start to the weekend will chilly and frosty this morning. stick around, the outlook coming up. >> reporter: the latest on i-70 in ellicott city. more when "good morning maryland" continues. >>> good morning. i am charley crowson
's nose as family sings rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. next up the spring, texas. don, an independent. good morning, you're on the air. caller: yes, ma'am, i'm also calling about tin cider trading and everything else illegal our good friends in congress are doing. there's an old law that's been on the books for, i don't know how many years, stating that our congress and senators cannot pass the law or exempt themselves from laws. that would benefit themselves. i mean, where is our justice department? where is the f.b.i.? this is ridiculous, we need to citizens court. try them throw them in jail. host: concerns about insider trading. another first family photo. from a former first family. this is in the "wall street journal." mitt romney with ex george h.w. bush and his wife barbara. the bush's haven't backed a candidate as governor romney makes a courtesy call. next up is raleigh, north carolina. good morning john, what's on your mind? caller: well, i was just curious why we're not seeing any coverage in the news over certain situations like andy stern, who is a spotter of the preside
in texas and there's the storm across the desert southwest that eventually will try to bring energy for us a frosty morning mid-20s for most of us. we will bring an increase of clouds with the passing weather system and another brief cool down for the start of the weekend. 4:40 here's better with traffic. >> reporter: a good start right now. a shot from the live camera over at route 29 in howard county. this is a look at traffic goes underneath 10 #. no delays. over to a beltway view live shot of 695, again traffic is running smoothly. no major issues to report at the tunnels where the tolls are moving without delay. follow us on twitter at maryland traffic. now back to news with charley. >>> in the wake of accusations of an extra marital affair and sexual harassment is enough enough? today we will learn with herman cain is ready to call it quits on his run to the white house. >>> and the pennsylvania school says a 1-year-old boy will not be a-- 13-year-old boy will not be able to attend classes. we will explain when good morning maryland continues on this friday december 2nd. first and on
. four children are dead after being shot by their father in southeast texas. 24-year-old jose adela shot his children and his wife before shootings himself. friends and police say the family has a history of violence. gonzalez had been staying in a shelter for battered women. >>> a former new orleans police officer has been sentenced to five years in prison for helping cover-up deadly shootings with unarmed residents after hurricane katrina. 30-year-old robert barriso is the officer. police shot six people killing two of them on the bridge immediately after the 2005 storm hit. >>> los angeles county is under a state of emergency following one of the worst wind storms in a decade. powerful santa ana winds toppled trees and downed power lines thursday. knocking out electricity to more than 350,000 customers. high wind warnings and advisories were also used for several other states including utah, nevada and wyoming. >>> the time right now is 4:35. at 4:40. holiday sales numbers are rising, the latest on the shopping spree coming up in your money. >>> at 4:48. you better prepare for higher
area in texa texas. >> yep, knew that was coming. >> the two guys have been identified. the montgomery county d.a. charged them both with racing on a highway causing bodily injury. the two men are roy wayne bowden and brian andrew herbert. in the document from the montgomery county d.a., both then deny they were racing. >> i was just trying to pass him at an accelerated rate of speed. >> they did say they were not racing and that bowden said he knew better. mr. herbert was hurt in the crash. he injured his leg and felt dizzy. so, he was, in fact in the crash. thus the charge was racing on a highway causing body injury rather than just racing on a highway. herbert was also driving with a suspended license. the bond has been set at $30,000. >> i'm sure they had no idea that the guy behind them had a premonition that this was going to happen and it the foresight to take his camera out. us? racing? no. the cops are like, really? who's this? >> it is time for the cute moment of the day. >> oh, you're going to love this one. and your favorite band shows up at your house. >> this is a really
in houston, texas. while he didn't come away with an endorsement, potentially a little more presidential. of course the entire bush family has been staying on the sidelines. >> chuck todd, thank you. >>> david gregory is mold ray or the of "meet the press." breaking news, unemployment numbers down to 8.6%. there may be a little more to it in terms of why we saw that drop, but psychologically, people wake up, see this in the newspaper, has to be good for president obama, i assume. >> you cover the white house, you know. they want a trend line that shows the economy is getting better. there's a couple of underlying facts that are not so great politically, and that is that we're still not creating enough jobs, economic growth is still way too slow. but i do think psychological it matters. the president will force headwinds with unemployment higher than it was in world war ii. but the trend is what's important. >> let's talk act herman cain. a key meeting today with his wife. you know, he seems to have weathered those allegations of sexual harassment, but now it seems voters may be over him.
weather making its way through texas today. snow back through the rockies and the central parts of the southwest and some areas in the rockies could see up to three to six inches of snow and texas could see two to three inches over the weekend. that's what's going on around the country, and here's what's going on in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. clear and frosty on this friday morning. here is a live view from the skywatcher camera showing the first sunlight across the tree tops and eliminating some of the fog over the potomac river. and they will stay in the 20s for another hour or so. and then this afternoon, in the mid-50s, clouds >>> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> thanks, al. >>> coming up, a popular country singer defies a jundge's order o return her son to florida. we'll hear what mindy mccready is saying a hey, what are you drinkin'? i'm drinkin' dunkin'. coffee -- black, straight up. extra cream, three sugars. iced coffee french vanilla. for me. iced coffee with a turbo shot. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' d
, even parts of the texas panhandle as this thing begins to pull out into the plains, and that will create its own set of problems. relatively quiet wet weather east of the mississippi as the temperatures begin to moderate after a chilly past few days, especially across the south. 64 in atlanta, it will be 56 degrees in d.c., 55 degrees up there in new york. we'll talk more, we'll highlight some flight delays in about 15 minutes. christine? >> all right, rob, we'll look forward to that. thank you. >>> an al qaeda chief is taking credit for the kidnapping of an american man in pakistan this morning, this according to some radical websites. 70-year-old warren weinstein was abducted in august, and now, al qaeda is posting demands in return for his release. zain verjee is live in london. good morning, zain. what's the latest on this? >> good morning. well, he was a contractor working for the u.s. government on an aid program in pakistan, apparently, according to these militant sites. and essentially, the demands, and there are eight of them, are totally unrealistic. i'll
is filters here as well to make some of that snow appear in panhandles of oklahoma as well as texas. further out towards the east, things looking more settled. temperatures not too bad. d.c., 14 for pup 18 in atlanta. just in double figures in new york at 11. 5 in toronto and a warm day in winnipeg at. 2 in denver and low 20s in houston as well as mexico city. okay. now to europe. storm after storm keeps coming through the british isles. and during your day on friday, you can see there is a very well-developed system just about to move into the british isles and you can just tell how strong that wind is going to be. so gaels continuing since last week, really, right across the north. as for the precipitation in the baltic states, rain changing over to snow by the time it hits western russia, and down to the southeast, not too bad here actually. a little warmer than it has been in the past weeks. athens up to 18 degrees on your saturday. 17 for rome, and 12 in paris. 12 in london as well. and vienna, meanwhile, looking a lot cooler. 69 in berlin and 5 for the high in stockholm. here is your e
estados donde hay gran necesidad en comunidades latinas, como florida, california, texas, donde hay gran cantidad de latinos afectados por la crisis economica. el llamado proyecto reconstruccion ayudaria a organizaciones comunitarias a crear empleo invirtiendo en comunidades afectadas por la crisis hipotecaria. eso crea trabajo, el trabajo de renovar las casas, el trabajo de invertir en los contratistas que participan en eso. crea trabajo. en el pais hay 3 millones de trabajadores hispanos de la construccion, 1 de las areas mas golpeadas por el desempleo. estas iniciativas van a crear empleo, principalmente en el area de construccion donde nuestras familias hispanas han sido concentradas. la propuesta es parte del plan de empleos de la casa blanca, que no cuenta con apoyo republicano en el congreso mientras no se encuentre forma de financiarlo. y podria ser sometida a 1 voto en las proximas semanas. y como han senalado datos economicos, la comunidad latina ha sido la mas afectada en todo estados unidos por la crisis hipotecaria. desde washington, fernando pizarro, univision. la rubia ban
the naval academy and recruiting officers from towson of the army and marine corps and station 17 in texas and beaumont county fire department and police department. we take the time to honor local heros this year as well. >> reporter: after the ceremony you have a special event. >> we will have a great gift give away. starting around 7:30, 7:45 we will have light refreshments cookies and hot chocolate and the opportunity for the local community, families to come and in the tough times of the economy you know you may year and this is a place you can come and have a chance to get some free gifts for your family at no cost courtesy of the church living hope ministries. >> reporter: and that's open to the public anyone can come? >> yes open to the public and any one can come. and we feel a special tie to the community and this is the satellite location of the church. we love to honor families here in the community and we are honored to do that this year at the christmas season. >> reporter: wonderful. and rob you have a special request for justin berk who by the way rob is a big fan a huge fa
. as a matter of fact we're teaming with them now to help a disabled veteran in texas. so they help us identify contractors all over the nation. >> now, bernard this is a great thank you for the work that you're done for our country. how did you find yourself the recipient of this help? >> could you repeat that last part please? >> sure, absolutely, how did you find yourself receiving this help? how were you chosen? >> i'll step in for bernie. it's hard to hear. the american legion post 130 here in falls church has been critical for us to find all of the veterans. so harry, the post commander there identifies veterans for us each christmas and bernie was one of them this year. >> jeff and bernard, thank you very much, jeff, a very merry christmas for bernard. he could have a job if the beard were longer and whiter. one of santa's helpers. >> he's really happy and we have two other houses down the street here that we'll be decorating tomorrow. thank you. thank you. >> you're welcome and merry christmas to you both. >> you too. thank you. >> what a great story. and i love bernard. the chuckle. he
-highest, 22.2. third highest of florida, 19.4, texas, 16.4 is foreign-born. .. >> host: how did you come here originally? >> caller: i came originally to the states as a result of my ambition. when i was in asia i was listening to the voice of america, the sound of music, admiring so much of the values of the american people, culture is represented the decency of human beings. and their ambitions of a human being. and then i came here, i was employed and then i'd, you know, i got married that i met a lady, that i love, got married and became a citizen. >> host: you first came on what kind of these are? >> caller: a diplomatic visa. >> host: and as you watched and listened to our country debate immigration policy now, what are your thoughts about the big debate in this country? >> caller: well, i think it used to be the kind of immigration, the policy that was selected based mostly on business interest, that the laws were supportive of bringing in workers, laborers who were cheap laborers, or those who can work the jobs that the americans, and occasional american wouldn't do. and over the year
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